Our Mission

Who we are

Topline Group is a sales & marketing firm specializing in data analysis, database marketing, sales deployment planning, organizational design, customer satisfaction measurement, and market share tracking.

What we do

We are sales deployment experts. We help Fortune 500 companies do three things:
      1.  Identify best customers and prospects
      2.  Determine optimal channels and sales staffing levels
      3.  Measure performance
We improve your organization's ability to capture and retain customers by helping you make sense of your customer data. We have the analytical skills to slice through mountains of figures, and use the resulting answers to develop a targeted and effective sales and marketing campaign for your organization.

Why you should care

  • You have limited resources at your disposal. You have to be more efficient and focused if you want to beat your competition to the best customers and prospects.

  • Leading a sales force is like leading an army. Somebody needs to identify the right targets and assign responsibilities so soldiers aren’t shooting at each other or into the ground.

  • Even the best salesperson in the world cannot close a sale if he is looking for customers where there are no customers. Let us show you where the customers are.

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